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Refurbishing has led UMBELINO MONTEIRO to adopt a unique position in the market. The cases in the rehabilitation of the architectural heritage assume a constant challenge for the Company at several levels.
Since the 80's, specific tile models have been designed and created for diverse and exclusive functionalities, for example the tile UM Canudo Flameada, UM Tibães Canudo, developed for the Jerónimos Monastery and Tibães Monastery respectively; the Azores tonality that reproduces the original aspect of the azorean roofs and still the UM Marseille and the UM Romana Monserrate, in this case a faithful reproduction of the tile that covered the Palace of Monserrate.
Technical skills, logistics and constant market monitoring, along with various cooperation with designers and other agents, has led to the UMBELINO MONTEIRO know-how being recognized both inside and outside the country, being unique in this challenge that is to create products identical in shape and colour to originals but developed through high technology.

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UMBELINO MONTEIRO offers complete and customised solutions. It is the leader in developing products with irreverent forms and shades offering maximum performance.

Thus, however complex a refurbishment issue may seem, UMBELINO MONTEIRO always knows how to provide a solution that ensures faithful reproductions that are more accurate and have extra functionality.

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