Finishing Components

Aluminium Closure Strip

The universal solution for reliable roof covering.


  • Easy handling thanks to 60% material flexibility.
  • Safety for the roof thanks to the durability and UV protection of the material.
  • Excellent adhesion thanks to butyl sealant.
  • Reinforced aluminium mesh for greater adaptability and dimensional stability.
  • Versatility for different specific closure points on the roof.


4065474 - red RAL 8004

4065636 - brown RAL 8017

4065638 - grey RAL 7022

4065637 - black RAL 9004


The strip should follow the closure areas and direct the water to the drainage points.

Strip and Packaging Characteristics

Width: 300 mm
Length: 5 m
Unit Weight: 3 Kg
Units per box: 4 strip rolls
Units per pallet: 120 strip rolls

pleated aluminium closure strip
Produced in aluminium with a length of 500 mm and 300 mm width and butyl thickness of 1.3 mm, allows efficient monitoring of the finishing areas.
The butyl present throughout the inner area of the strip allows an easy and effective application. It guarantees the impermeability of the finishing areas.
Very easy application due to the flexibility of aluminium.


4064877 - red


The strip should follow the closure areas and direct the water to the drainage points.

Strip Characteristics

Width: 300 mm
Length: 5 m
Unit Weight: 3,9 Kg
metallic profile for wall closures
Manufactured in lacquered aluminium with 3.0 mm thickness, this part was designed to complete the closure of the finishing wall of emerging walls on the roof.
Examples: wall, chimneys, French roofs, among others. Works in conjunction with closure strips for these singular points. The profile is 50 mm wide, which corresponds to the height that finishes the wall. Allows for an effective tile colour finish (Natural Red); By its geometry it guarantees the effective waterproofing of the finishing zone between the wall and the laid strip.


4030448 - red clay


The profile should be fixed with a screw or glued directly to the wall, and the drilling area should be furthest away of the wall and a silicone / mastic bead is applied to the upper side of the piece, inside. It can only be glue in case of stone walls. It should be discharged on the aluminium strip for closures or gutter previously applied.

Closure Profile Characteristics

Width: 50 mm
Length: 1,5 m
Unit Weight: 0,150 Kg
Mastique is an ideal sealant material for gluing the roof covering elements, making it ideal for sealing of break points of the membrane strips, connection of the cover elements and slats. Thus, it secures water and infiltration points.


4030462 – vermelho argila


Drying Time: 48 hours.
Shrinkage during drying (volume rate during drying): Yes, less than 10%. Application tip: Surfaces should be clean and dry.

Mastique Characteristics

Packaging: 300 mm 
Yield: 1 unidade por 1,5 m
Unit Weight: 0,420 Kg

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