Ridge and Corner

Produced in aluminium with a length of 500 mm and a width of 310 mm, this provides efficient use for the roof ridges and corners, ensuring the total watertightness of these specific points. The holes in the underside of the membrane allow the exhaust of the air from the interior of the roof, not allowing the entrance of water by the wind. The butyl present at the ends, bonding sections, allows an efficient monitoring of all the parts of this point (tiles and closures). Its pre-made creased design allows for easy application with contours which are ideal for working with parts from the UMBELINO MONTEIRO ventilated roof ridge system.


Aluminium + Breathable Membrane


4022479 - red


The Strip should be shaped with the hands from its axis applied on top of the batten, descending vertically to the upper part of the roof tiles and ridge/corner closures. After moulding, remove the protective strips from the butyl glue. Without changing the moulded shape, the strip is glued by manually adjusting it.


Width: 310 mm
Length: 5 m
Unit Weight: 17,475 kg
Yield: 5m
Units per Box: 4 units
Units per pallet: 30 strips

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