Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Concept of Social Responsibility
The concept adopted for social responsibility includes all the actions and activities that the company carries out and voluntarily and consciously provides to its employees, family, community and other interested parties, going beyond any legal obligation.
UMBELINO MONTEIRO values the investments it carries out in social responsibility areas, because it believes that it should play an active role in the society it forms part of.
UMBELINO MONTEIRO has a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and the mission and values of the company are the expression of an organizational culture that strategically focuses on the three P's - People, Planet and Profit, with the objective of promoting a good relationship with its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, shareholders and others, providing them with information and stimulating their participation, within a sharing perspective.
Framework | UM Social Responsibility

This aims to develop activities/projects which promote:
  • Gender equality and opportunities for all employees;
  • The reconciliation of family and professional life;
  • Continuing employee learning;
  • Alignment of employees with culture and company values;
  • Fluid and open communication to; suggestions, the transmission of knowledge and the call for innovation and creativity;
  • The health and well-being of employees;
  • Attitudes and behaviours that respect the environment.
Through the actions of external responsibility, the company intends to:
  • Being integrated into the local community;
  • Promote the connection of employees' families to the company;
  • To value the role of company employees with their family;
  • Assist philanthropic institutions;
  • Participate in humanitarian aid campaigns;

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