Not sure which materials to chose for the roof covering for your home?

Not sure which materials to chose for the roof covering for your home? UMBELINO MONTEIRO has various products and solutions at your disposal.
Whether in a traditional way or in a more avant-garde manner, UMBELINO MONTEIRO has the necessary know-how to offer you the most suitable construction solution. 
This is also not unrelated to economy. We want our customers to be satisfied. As such, we have construction systems that prioritise soundproofing and thermal insulation, comfort and sustainability.

Fulfil the dream of owning your own home - that new major construction project

Taking the step of building your own home means home-owners have to take several decisions. It does not matter if you have a turnkey project built for you or if you are managing the construction project. The decisions you make will determine how you and your family will live in the coming years. In addition to these major decisions, the journey to attain the house of your dreams involves major financial investment. As such, aspects such as the integrity and durability of the building should be at the top of the priority list when planning the construction. However, the roof is often not the main priority for home-owners, although it is considered the crown of the home and protects it for a number of years.

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According to current estimates, there are more than 4 million single-family buildings which have roof coverings that need refurbishing. Some of these roof coverings have simply aged and ceased to be watertight due to wear and tear or damage to the materials. 
Buildings also change ownership over time. Given this, conversion and extension measures are often necessary, especially when buildings are passed down from generation to generation. 
Modernisation, refurbishing or renovating the roof is a significant part of the technical, energy and visual aspects of updating residential buildings, as well as long-term protection.
Did you inherit or buy an old building or do you want to update your property according to current technical standards? Does the roof of your building require refurbishing or renovating? - Here are some aspects to consider.

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“The performance and longevity of ceramic tile roof coverings are strongly influenced by the type and frequency of maintenance work and the connection of this to careful refurbishing actions.
In order to successfully carry out maintenance and refurbishing actions, it is necessary to plan for an inspection and diagnosis phase and learn of any anomalies as well as the main intervention strategies”.

The most common pathologies and/or anomalies
The most common anomalies in ceramic tile roof coverings can be grouped into two types: anomalies related to the roof covering and those related to the structure.
In the chart below, the main defects of ceramic tile roofs and their origin are shown in the "Guide to the Design and Installation of Ceramic Roof Tiles".
(GPATC – Page 94)
Inspection and Diagnosis of Roof Coverings
When you inspect a roof covering timber structure, it is essential to describe its characteristics, learn about its anomalies and the actions it is subjected to, including, as a general rule,
the following:
• Identifying the type of wood;
• The size of the elements;
• Identifying major anomalies and defects;
• The size of the elements;
• Characterising the local environmental conditions;
• Determination of loads;
• Determination of physic-mechanical characteristics such as humidity, density or modulus of elasticity.
This inspection phase may be accompanied by small, expeditious on-the-spot tests and indications as to the possible need for specific tests more complete and detailed.

Main Intervention Strategies for the Refurbishing of the roof covering
– Removing anomalies;
– Removing causes;
– Concealing anomalies;
– Protecting against aggressive agents;
– Replacing affected elements;
– Functional reinforcement.
It is critical that the strategies are selected after an exhaustive survey of the existing pathologies and a structured assessment of the most beneficial alternative to be adopted in each specific case.
Principles and Care to take in any refurbishing intervention work

Extending the intervention work, decided according to the situation (one-off, generalised, heterogeneous or homogeneous);

– Architectural and constructive coherence, particularly for changes in shape;
– Reversibility of the intervention works;
– Preservation of identity;
– Promotion of a sustainability perspective;
– Calculation/sizing/verification of existing solutions or those to be introduced;
– Description of works and materials in appropriate technical discourse;
– Description of the works including an architectural and/or construction design;
– Description of the works including a work execution schedule;
– References to specific technical documentation;
– Skilled labour in the field concerned;
– Specific climatic or protective conditions for carrying out the work;
– When it is unusual, prior reflection on the advantages of the envisaged intervention in relation to current alternative solutions;
– Estimate durability and maintenance planning.

As in the case of maintenance strategies, and based on these principles and concerns, it is essential that refurbishing work on roof coverings includes all the measurements and techniques necessary for its success, as understood in a broad sense, and result from a detailed design, supported by a careful survey and by assessing and diagnosing both the structure and the covering.

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